Sponsorship Levels


The Railway Association offers various sponsorship opportunities throughout the year—there are three tiers of sponsorship, all of which go towards our events, programming, and scholarship funds. Each sponsorship level comes with its own unique benefits detailed below:

Cost: $500.00 Per Luncheon

Availability: Multiple per Luncheon / Event

Benefits Include:

  • First sponsor to sign up introduces the event speaker. (1st come, 1st serve basis, approximately 10 per year)

  • All sponsors receive a seat at the VIP table with the speaker. (All Events)

  • All sponsors have their logo and firm name featured on the event flyers, emails, and at the event. (All Events)

Cost: $700.00 Per Event

Availability: One per Special Event (2 Per Year)

Benefits include:

  • Introduction of the event speaker at a special event, similar to the first sponsor to sign up for a luncheon.

  • All benefits of a luncheon sponsor.

Cost: $1,000.00 Per Year

Availability: At Start of Calendar Year

Benefits include:

  • All annual sponsors receive six event tickets for events of your choice throughout the calendar year.

  • All annual sponsors have their logo and firm name featured on all program flyers, emails, events, and the Railway Association Website and social media.